April 2019


Better late than never! The committee have been working hard behind the scenes preparing for the Champs game, hopefully it will be the best home game yet!

The Grim Reavers British Championship game is on Sunday 19th May. We hope to see you all there either cheering on the sideline or helping the day run smoothly.

Thank you for all the event sharing everyone has been doing. Don’t forget to bring your pennies for the merch and cake stalls as well as the charity raffle.

The Brothers had their first game this month, they may not have won against TSI but the team spirit was high in the air!

In other news, everyone at GRD wants to congratulate Broders, who has made it on the Men’s England Roller Derby team! We are all so proud!


Sheffield Steel Rollers

At the beginning of the month some of our Reavers drove across the Humber to join forces with Hulls Angels Bee’s to play against Sheffield Steel Rollers B team.

The Reavers had a great evening and Sheffield Steel Rollers were a tough opponent to play against.

Best Jammer – Rolldemort

Teesside Skate Invaders

The Brothers Grim had their first game this year against Teesside Skate Invaders. With the odds stacked against them as TSI came well equipped with a good team of TSI and guest skaters; the brothers played incredible especially with the help of some Reavers and Broders! Congratulations to Sarbutt for his roller derby debut.

A big thank you to all of the officials for helping out!

The Brothers Grim 73 – Teesside Skate Invaders 245

Best Jammer – Jace Wind-U

Best Blocker – Terror Rack and Smash Brown

MVP – Mike-O-Path

Euro Cup 2019

Some of our league popped over to Bury for the weekend to watch the Euro Cup.

It was an intense couple of days (especially with a hangover), the roller derby was incredible to watch first hand and they even got to meet some of their idols!

1 Crime City Rollers

2 Rainy City Roller Derby

3 Helsinki Roller Derby

4 London Rollergirls

5 Stockholme Roller Derby

Mansfield May the 4th Be With You

Some of our Reavers attended the Mansfield Roller Derby Star Wars themed Skater Debut Scrim. The TIE Fighters took on the X-Wings with X-Wings taking the win!

Even though they didn’t all play together, everyone had a great day!

Best Blocker – Nortious D.O.C

MVP – Chilli Pepper


April also saw one of our long standing league members, Nanna McFee, step down from her position as Head Official and away from the league, we wish her all the luck in the future.

TNT also stepped down from her position as HR, however she will continue her role in Marketing. Please send any future HR issues to Kittie Hitter (President), Smash Brown (Vice President), Kirst Blood (Head Coach) or Rolldemort (Reavers Captain). All issues will be dealt with by relevant committee members, we aim to resolve all issues as soon as possible with regular updates to those who raised the issue. If a solution cannot be achieved we will feed that information back to the member and the league with reasonings.

Presidents Comments

May 2019 Calender

Year of the Reaver



09:30 – 11:30




20:00 – 22:00




09:30 – 11:30




20:00 – 22:00




10:00 – 17:00



20:00 – 22:00




09:30 – 11:30




20:00 – 22:00


GRD Lexicon

“Clogging” is a tactic done by the blockers, they clog the opposing blockers by filling in the gaps in their wall and using them within their own wall as part of their defence.


We want to wish a special Happy Birthday to our May birthdays:

03/05/2019 Kelly Docherty
21/05/2019 Gavin Harris
24/05/2019 Louise Caster
27/05/2019 Manda Brown

We hope you have the best day!

GRD. Let’s make this year, our year.